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Marketing Ideas

I recently read a book called Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz. Here is a recap of the book which is available by special order at Horizon Books or online at

Word of Mouth Marketing makes the point that the internet is having a huge impact on the way we shop for products and services. No longer are we at the mercy of TV, print, and radio advertising. Now we can read a consumer review on just about any product or service we are interested in buying.

So how do we, as small business owners take advantage of this new Word of Mouth Marketing?

The author makes the following points:

¨ Word of Mouth Marketing is Easy, Obvious, and Inexpensive.

¨ Word of Mouth Marketing only works if you have a good product or service. People are not going to tell their friends about an average experience.

¨ Give people a reason to talk about you and make it easy for the conversation to take place.

¨ Treat people well and they will do your marketing for you.

¨ Be interesting or be invisible.

¨ You are being talked about whether you like it or not, so why not give people the message you want them to share.

Here's how to get the message out there. Use the 5 Ts.

¨ Determine your Talkers. Who are the people who love your products or services? They may not be you biggest customers, but they are the most vocal.

¨ Topics: What do they talk about? Take your talker to coffee or lunch and explain your ideal client or customer to them. Shape the message. Most talkers are more than happy to share your message.

¨ Tools-Give them something to hand out. It could be as simple as your business card with 10% off on it. When someone uses the card, you will know that it came from one of your talkers.

¨ Take part in the conversation by creating a blog, giving a seminar, or sponsoring an event.

¨ Track the response.

Let me know how implementing some of these ideas has helped your business.